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The Canadian Society of Decorative Arts/ Cercle canadien des arts décoratifs was formed, with the generous support of the Macdonald Stewart Foundation, to provide a forum for all those interested in the decorative arts.

About the CSDA/CCAD

Our constitution defines decorative arts as creative work, frequently of a practical or useful nature, produced by an artist, craftsman or amateur, which has intrinsic aesthetic and/or historical value.
These arts include interior design, furniture and furnishings, ceramics, glass, metalwork, graphics, textiles, theatre arts, together with certain aspects of architecture, industrial and landscape design.

The CSDA/CCAD is a national non-profit organization. It was founded in 1980, and is governed by a council of members elected from each province, with an appropriate structure of standing and special committees. There is a President, Vice-President, and a Secretariat. In addition to regular meetings on a national and provincial level, there is an Annual Meeting at which Society affairs, policy, and programmes are discussed by the membership.

Ornamentum Fall 2014 Cover

The Society publishes a journal — ORNAMENTUM — to promote historical and contemporary decorative arts in Canada. Along with papers and articles, the Society publications include book reviews and information about exhibitions and other events of interest to members. The CSDA also organizes lectures and symposia to which Canadian and international experts are invited to contribute.

Councils and Committees

Executive Committee  |  Honorary Council

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