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CSDA/CCAD YP&C Explore Series

Contemporary Decorative Arts: Blurring the Line Between Art and Design

The blurring of boundaries between fine art and design is not only shaping today’s decorative arts market but opening up an entirely new sector of ‘contemporary art’ collecting. The intersection of art and design is nothing new and yet, armed with a consciousness of the world’s art and design histories and markets that is unique to this time, emerging artists/designers are examining, pushing and questioning this intersection more than ever.

Discover perspectives, modes of making and a few key figures in the next generation of the decorative arts market.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Event time: 7PM (EDT)

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Images: Plasticus Obitus Blossom by Cody James Norman, Work by Paula Schubatis, Morphogenesis, Credit: NEXT:SPACE.


As an advisor and accredited appraiser, Isabelle Weiss specializes in 20th/21st century fine art and design from international and regional markets, encompassing America, Europe and beyond. She founded CollectorAnonymous to help private and corporate collectors navigate today’s fast-moving art market. Based in Detroit, MI, Isabelle is also committed to connecting collectors with important work from established and emerging Detroit artists.

Isabelle’s passion for supporting local artists extends to her interest in collectible design and she is also the founder of NEXT:SPACE, a gallery representing emerging artists and designers connected to Detroit. Through NEXT:SPACE, Isabelle publishes Archive Project, a multimedia series examining the value of collectible design (contemporary decorative arts).

She has also contributed to publications, including SURFACE magazine, and presents lectures on emerging trends in art and design collecting.  Isabelle earned her B.A. in History of Art and Linguistics from the University of Michigan and is an Accredited Appraiser through the International Society of Appraisers.

For more on Isabelle Weiss, NEXT:SPACE and Collector Anonymous, visit nextspacedetroit.com, collectoranonymous.com, and @nextspacedetroit on Instagram.

Lower image: Isabelle Weiss

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Event time: 7PM (EDT)

Register on Eventbrite (Non-member $10) HERE

Storage Box cc. 1790 Mik'maq, Nova Scotia, Birchbark and Pine.

Tea caddy, late 19th century Anglo-Indian, Ebony with gold-plated hardware.

CSDA Sundays: Sis Bunting Weld Private Collectors Series

Treasure(d) Boxes

Often overlooked, the Box is the Treasure here. Throughout history, boxes are where we have encased our precious things, but now these can be more interesting and valuable than the treasures they were originally meant to contain.

Steven Blevins, antique collector and dealer says, “I collect to see the hand and skill of the people who have come before imparted in the work in these creations. These boxes are very personal and unique relics of those lives lived.

The main thrust for my interest in these boxes is that they are art, created as a spiritual expression, in a practical form. I want to feel the people who made them as they really were, to touch their lives and feel their passions. Many people who understand Indigenous art say they can feel the spirit that is imparted into the piece by their creators. That is absolutely true. I feel that these pieces have a presence, a spirit if you will, even if they are not of Indigenous creation. By presenting CSDA members with a rare opportunity to touch these treasures, maybe that will impart some sense of that feeling, a spirit of the lives lived.”

Sunday, June 5, 2022 (In-Person)

Event time: 3pm (EDT)

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Bonus feature: Brief presentation on the history of today’s venue. The two Avoca co-op apartment buildings at 10 and 20 Avoca are among the most coveted addresses in midtown Toronto. They are classic examples of mid-century modern architecture and the upper floor units have spectacular views of the surrounding ravines, David Balfour Park/Rosehill Reservoir and the city skyline. 


Steven Blevin retired from Consultation in Property Management Services for government properties, and started a partnership in antiques and fine art sales and art consultation in 1994 with his wife, Sonja Morawetz. Since then the business has developed to concentrate on folk art and topographic fine art, mostly of Canadian heritage from the 18th through to the early 20th centuries. In 1996, Steven and Sonja moved from Toronto to the “Great White North”, where they recently finished construction of their “forever home”. From there, they enjoy their two active Boston Terriers and the beautiful natural landscape around them.

Event details: In order to allow attendees to fully appreciate the items on show and to allow for distancing, this event is limited to 25 tickets (with a waitlist of 5), so don’t wait to book! The exact address will be provided to ticket holders in advance of the event. 


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