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The Canadian Society of Decorative Arts/Cercle canadien des arts décoratifs

John Fleming - CSDA 2018 Symposium Calgary


The Canadian decorative arts community lost a leading light on April 3, 2022 with the sudden passing of John Fleming.

John was a director of Canadian Society of Decorative Arts from 1990 until his recent retirement and an editor and frequent contributor to his beloved magazine Ornamentum, since its inauguration in 2006.

The celebration this past year of the 40th anniversary of CSDA and 15th anniversary of Ornamentum were a tribute to John’s deep knowledge of the decorative arts and his commitment to sharing it with the broader community. (See PDF article HERE

John’s academic research and his publications have earned multiple awards. He often presented on a range of topics at our annual a Symposium, always in an informative and engaging manner.

We express our deepest condolences to John’s wife Pat.

John, we will miss you but your legacy to the decorative arts will live on through what you have helped build. 

Henry Wiercinski


CSDA/CCAD's mission seeks to make decorative arts and design accessible to all people through education, events, community partnerships and volunteer opportunities.

CSDA/CCAD is dedicated to a policy of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

    What are the Decorative Arts?

    The CSDA/CCAD defines the decorative arts as creative works, often of a practical or useful nature, produced by an artist, craftsman or amateur, which have intrinsic aesthetic and/or historical value. These arts include interior design, furniture and furnishings, ceramics, glass, metalwork, graphics, textiles, theatre arts, together with aspects of architecture, industrial and landscape design.

    Learn from and be inspired by the ingenuity, and artistic grace of the diverse field of material culture. You will engage with objects that range from the eccentric to the magnificent, as well as creations that have become elevated to cultural icons.

    "How do we create objects and how do the objects we create shape us!"


    Ornamentum is Canada’s preeminent publication dedicated to exploring and cultivating the aesthetics of the everyday. Written for a broad readership, Ornamentum highlights creative design and craftsmanship in both historical and contemporary work

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