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Published twice a year, Ornamentum is the only magazine devoted to exploring the large spectrum of decorative arts, material culture and design in Canada. From furniture and furnishings, ceramics, glass, metalwork, graphics, and textiles through to aspects of architecture, industrial, interior and landscape design, the decorative arts encompass craft and the aesthetics of the everyday.

Within this expansive umbrella, Ornamentum provides a forum for discussion of the creative context and talent through which the decorative arts are born, and critically addresses the aesthetics and meanings of objects in terms of historic precedent, tradition and innovation.

Written for a broad readership and extensively illustrated, Ornamentum celebrates material culture in all its forms and expressions.

Ask for a copy of the magazine by name at a retailer, museum or gallery near you! 

ATTENTION: EMERGING WRITERS! The call for submissions for the 2024 John Fleming Award is now open.

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Image (above)How Are You (detail), Marian Bantjes. Ballpoint pen/digital, March 2006. 

(right) Frog, Diane Blunt, Fall/Winter 2023

“Ornamentum celebrates Canoe Culture in all its forms and expressions

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Spring/Summer 2024 (until Nov)

Ornamentum  Editorial Advisory Committee

Dr. Sarah Alford, Assistant Professor, Liberal Studies, University of Arts (Alberta) Chair

Maegen Black, Associate Dean - New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (New Brunswick)

Dr. Keith Bresnahan, Associate Professor - OCAD University (Ontario)

Janet Carlile, Independent appraiser (Ontario)

Dr. Janna Eggebeen, Editor - Ornamentum (Ontario)

Peter Flannery, Curator - The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery (Ontario)  

Janna Hiemstra, Executive Director - Craft Ontario (Ontario)

Dr. Michele Hardy, Curator - Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary (Alberta)

Dr. Julia Krueger, Registrar - SK Arts (Saskatchewan)

Guislaine Lemay, Curator, Material Culture - McCord Museum (Quebec)

John Leroux, Manager, of Collections & Exhibitions - Beaverbrook Art Gallery (New Brunswick)

José Niaison, Independent Arts Administrator (Ontario)

Julia Brucculieri, Online Editor - Ornamentum.ca (Ontario)

Dr. Laura Sanchini, Curator, Craft, Design & Popular Culture - Canadian Museum of History (Ontario)

Financial support for CSDA/CCAD publications has been provided by the Canada Council for the Arts which last year invested $20.1 million in writing and publishing throughout Canada; the Ontario Arts Council; Government of Canada; the Macdonald Stewart Foundation and the McLean Foundation. Les publications du CSDA/CCAD ont été réalisées grâce à l’appui du Conseil des Arts du Canada, qui a investi 20.1 millions de dollars l’an dernier dans les letters et l’édition à travers le Canada; Le Conseil des arts de l’Ontario; le Gouvernement du Canada; la Fondation Macdonald Stewart et la Fondation McLean.


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 Dr. Janna Eggebeen (editorial@ornamentum.ca)

Online Editor 
Art direction and design

Advertising & Circulation

 Julia Brucculieri (online@ornamentum.ca)

 Adams + Associates Design Consultants Inc.

 Gilles Latour (advertising@ornamentum.ca)

Pre-press and printing
 Maracle Printing

Editorial Enquiry & Advertising Correspondence

We publish in French and English. Articles submitted will be published in the language in which they are written. For a copy of our submissions guidelines queries please contact Janna Eggebeen - editorial@ornamentum.ca

Advertising rates and specifications in Ornamentum.

Please send manuscripts, discs, photos and other editorial and advertising matter to:

Box 235 Station Q
Toronto, Ontario M4T 2M1

For Ornamentum back issues please contact us at info@ornamentum.ca

The Canadian Society of Decorative Arts/ Cercle canadien des arts décoratifs was formed, with the generous support
of the Macdonald Stewart Foundation, to provide a forum for all those interested in the decorative arts.
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