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CSDA Videos/CCAD Vidéos

CSDA SUNDAYS: Makers' Series - Wesley Harris - March 7, 2021

Introduction by Nestor  Golets, Program Committee Member

CSDA SUNDAYS: Material Culture: What does it Include - February 7, 2021

Introduction by Henry Wiercinski, Chair of CSDA 

CSDA SUNDAYS: Treasures in the Attic: Mementos from Spadina House  - January 10, 2021

Introduction by Susan Golets  CSDA Program Committee Chair and and Lindsay Shaddy

          CSDA SUNDAYS: Ornamentum Exchange between Rosalind Pepall & Dr. Rachel Gotlieb      November 1, 2020

Introduction by Dr. Micheal Prokopow, CSDA Board member & Chair of the Editorial Advisory Committee

Vidéo Vimeo - Pierre Moussard, Chapelle de Sainte-Cécile, la chapelle québecoise dans le village de Calixa-Lavalée - Voir l'article dans Ornamentum Autumn/Hiver 2012

Clicker sur la couverture (mot de passe - "Moussard") 

John Fleming, Co-Author - Folk Furniture of Canada's Doukhobors, Hutterites, Mennonites and Ukranians

2018 CSDA/CCAD Annual Fall Symposium (Calgary)

Reed Fagan, Visiting Professor - Alberta University of the Arts (ACAD)

My Mathematical Practice - 2018 CSDA-CCAD Annual Fall Symposium (Calgary)

Lindsay Rice, Assistant Professor - ACAD

Aposematic Appropriation - 2018 CSDA-CCAD Annual Fall Symposium  (Calgary)

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